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Dive into the world of Protagon Yachts with stories that sail beyond the horizon. Our News section offers a chronicle of our voyages, featuring yacht launches, event participations, and interviews with master yacht builders.

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At its heart, PROTAGON is about breaking free from mediocrity.It’s work hard, play hard – and shine bright.

Accept only the best, relish sheer beauty and enjoy pure freedom. Just take the helm and power off to the horizon – in the most distinguished way.

This to us, is everyone’s PROTAGON.

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The 24-degree dead rise angle refers to the slope of the hull bottom from the keel to the chine. This moderate dead rise angle provides excellent stability and handling in various sea conditions. It allows the boat to cut through waves smoothly, reducing pitching and rolling motions. The increased stability enhances comfort for passengers, minimizing the risk of sea sickness and providing a more enjoyable boating experience.


Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

Twin steps are strategically incorporated into the hull design to reduce drag and increase speed. These special designed steps create air pockets that help lift the boat, reducing the contact area with the water. As a result, the boat experiences less resistance and achieves higher speeds with improved fuel efficiency. The twin steps also contribute to a smoother ride by reducing impact and hull slap when encountering waves.


Piercing Bow

The PROTAGON wave-piercing bow design features a sharp, narrow entry point that cuts through waves rather than riding over them. This allows the boat to maintain better forward momentum and reduces the impact of waves on the hull. The PROTAGON wave-piercing bow design increases efficiency by minimizing resistance and spray, resulting in a more comfortable and fuel-efficient ride. It also improves handling in rough sea conditions, providing better control and reducing the likelihood of bow diving.


A state-of-the-art shipyard

One of the distinguishing factors of Protagon Yachts is its commitment to in-house manufacturing, in our shipyard located in Schimatari, Greece

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Highly skilled employees

Our experienced team includes experts in various fields, from boat design and engineering to upholstery and manufacturing

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Meet protagon family

Our dealers network

With an extensive presence across the world, our network of dealerships provides unparalleled

expertise and support to clients worldwide.

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Biskinis Bros Heritage

Protagon Yachts is the culmination of a remarkable journey that began in 1980 when BISKINIS BROS S.A. – POSEIDON BOATS was founded by the visionary Biskinis Costas and Vasilis. Over the years, our dedication and expertise led to the construction and sailing of over 10,000 POSEIDON BOATS, earning them a reputation for excellence in the industry.

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